News for November 2006

Roman plays with Dawoud

DawoudSunday November 26th, 7:00 pm (the day before Jimi Hendrix’ 64th birthday):

New York-based Sitar player Dawoud will offer the first performance in his home town in 25 years! Also featuring local talents Jesse Sheehan (tabla /saxophone), Roman Edirisinghe (percussion / bass), Steve Peplin (bass / guitar).

Please visit Dawoud at or to get a sweet taste for his exceptional musical style.

Club Timbuktu
520 East Center Street
Milwaukee WI 53212
Tel : (414) 265 7000

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Bayshore Mall

Whoever thought that putting an outdoor mall in Wisconsin was a good idea is a complete idiot. When I was a kid, I enjoyed going to Bayshore Mall, but now it’s a joke. Nicole and I walked around the place, freezing in the wind, and decided we would never return. It is a travesty to have to put on your winter coat between stores. Perhaps the building designers were trying to drop a hint to Wisconsinites: you are all fat people who don’t exercise enough, so here is a shopping center where you can pretend to enjoy the lifestyles of cool places you wish you could live. The catch: you have to actually get out and walk around in the freezing cold to reap the benefits.


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I Voted, Did You?

I’m ever surprised and disappointed by the lack of voter turnout. It just seems silly that people choose not to vote, for whatever reason, then spend their lives complaining about the very things they could have voted about.

Perhaps we take things for granted in this country. Perhaps if we lived under a dictatorship we might realize what we had…

On a positive note, it was nice to see a line of unregistered first-time voters stretching out of the voting hall. There is hope.

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Sindoolaa @ Club Timbuktu

Sindoolaa at Club TimbuktuSearing African grooves, featuring Oumar Sagna, Jesse Sheehan, Didier Leplae, Joe Wong, Thacher Schmid, Roman Edirisinghe and others…

520 East Center Street
Milwaukee WI 53212
Tel : (414) 265 7000

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George’s Tavern

Waiting here at George’s Tavern in Racine, Wisconsin. We were supposed to be on 2 minutes ago, but there are some issues with the sound system, so we’re waiting ’til they’re ready for us.

Nice place. They (or someone near here) has free wifi, so I plugged right in, so to speak.

This is a sort of farewell gig for me and Holly, as we’re both departing the core group of the One Drum collective. What a sweet farewell it will be. This lineup features Cory Coleman (vocals, dundun & bass), Kristin Urban (vocals & percussion), Cecilio Negron, jr. (drums, congas, vocals), Holly Haebig (vocals & guitar), and yours truly on guitar and vocals. Poor sound guys. It’s 8:43 pm and they’re still fiddling with the system.

This is where the fans & the musicians both learn patience.

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According to Wikipedia, 33 is:

  • the largest positive integer that can not be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers.
  • the atomic number of arsenic
  • the “smile to the camera” word in Spanish, as is “cheese” in English. Diga treinta y tres (“Say thirty-three”) is the same as “Say cheese”
  • a recurring, important number to the Freemasons, used often in their sacred rituals

33 was also:

For the sake of amusement, here are Biblical references:

And from Islamic Holy Q’uran:

33 in 69 languages, in order of complexity, highest to lowest (from A Playground of Thoughts):

  1. Huli: ngui ki, ngui tebone-gonaga tebira
  2. Ndom: tondor abo mer an thef abo ithin
  3. Nimbia: gume bi ni tanran
  4. Hindi: tayntees
  5. Tzotzil: ‘ox lajuneb xcha’-vinik
  6. Ainu: rep ikasma wanpe etu hotnep
  7. Alamblak: yima yohtti tir hosfi hosfirpat
  8. Nahuatl: cem-pöhualli-om-mahtlactli-om-ëyi
  9. Malagasy: telo amby telopolo
  10. Yoruba: metalelogbon
  11. Welsh (Traditional): tri ar ddeg ar hugain
  12. Breton: tri / teir ha tregont
  13. Manx: tree-jeig as feed
  14. Scots Gaelic: trì deug air fhichead
  15. Georgian: otsdatsamet’i
  16. Danish: treogtredive
  17. Javanese: telung puluh telu
  18. Latin: tr?gint? tr?s
  19. French: trente-trois
  20. Zulu: amashumi amathathu nantathu
  21. Basque: hogei ta hamairu
  22. Arabic: thalâthata wa thalâthûn (masculine), thalâth wa thalâthûn (feminine)
  23. Ganda: amakumi asatu mu ssatu
  24. Maltese: tlieta u tletin
  25. Assyrian: klaay-‘td’laa
  26. Kurmanji: sî û sisê
  27. Dutch: drieendertig
  28. German: dreiunddreißig
  29. Swahili: thelathini na tatu
  30. Ojibwa: nisimidana ashi niswi
  31. Italian: trentatré
  32. Spanish: treinta y tres
  33. Swiss French: trente-trois
  34. Tigrinya: selasan-selesten
  35. Turkish: otuz üç
  36. Balkan Romani: tránda-te-trin
  37. Hungarian: harminchárom
  38. Tagalog: tatlumpu’t tatlo
  39. Polari: trey dacha and trey
  40. Scots: thertie three
  41. English: thirty-three
  42. Norwegian: trettitre
  43. Swedish: trettiotre
  44. Sukuma: makumiadatu na idatu
  45. Hawaiian: kanakoluk?m?kolu
  46. Finnish: kolmekymmentäkolme
  47. Estonian: kolmkümmend kolm
  48. Romanian: treizeci ?i trei
  49. Ancient Japanese: misodi amari mitu (ancient), misoji amari mittsu (modern)
  50. Kiribati: tenibwi ma tenua
  51. Wolof: ñetta fukka ak ñetta
  52. Croatian: trideset-tri
  53. Seneca: së niwashê së
  54. Indonesian: tiga puluh tiga
  55. Mandinka: ta? saba ni? saba
  56. Wu Chinese: ??? sezhekse
  57. Tok Pisin: tripela ten tri
  58. Vietnamese: ba mu’o’i ba
  59. Igbo: iri ato. na ato.
  60. Thai: s?hm sìp s?hm
  61. Welsh (Modern): tri deg tri
  62. Aymara: kimsa-tunka-kimsani
  63. Cuzco Quechua: kinsa chunka kinsa-yoq
  64. Chinook Wawa: klone tahtlum pe klone
  65. Mandarin: ??? s?nshi s?n
  66. Japanese: ??? sanjû san
  67. Cantonese: ??? saam1sap6saam1 (Cantonese has six tones, and they are given by numbers after syllables. The tone number means: 1 – high level, 2 – high rising, 3 – middle level, 4 – low falling, 5 – low rising, and 6 – low level.)
  68. Esperanto: tridek tri
  69. Tongan: tolu tolu

Blogger Gene Smith has a list of 33 things on his blog, Atomiq.

The Tr?yastri??a, or the Heaven of Thirty Three Gods, is referenced in Buddhist Cosmology.

Today is World Vegan Day, the Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos), Samhain Day, and All Saints’ Day.

Can you guess anything else about this day?

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