News for October 2006

Sindoolaa Private Party

Sindoolaa at Club TimbuktuWith special guest Doc Jeff Green on guitars/bass. Featuring Oumar Sagna, Heidi Sagna, Aicha Diallo, Thacher Schmid, Aaron Gardner, Jesse Sheehan, Roman Edirisinghe, Joe Wong.

Private party.

Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Milwaukee

Posted: October 27th, 2006
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One Drum Quintet @ George’s Tavern, Racine

Party hosted by Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice with music by the One Drum quintet (featuring Roman Edirisinghe, Holly Haebig, Kristin Urban, Cecilio Negron, jr., Cory Coleman)

Located at George’s Tavern in Racine:
1201 N Main St
Racine, WI 53402
(262) 632-6469
$5 cover

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Mickey Hart

I had an interesting experience while waiting for Nicole’s flight to arrive: I met Mickey Hart, one of the drummers of the Grateful Dead. I was coming up the escalator, and he was looking at me, and I looked at him, looked away, looked back, and then walked up to him. He was on the cellphone, and I didn’t want to intrude, but I said, “Mickey Hart?” and he nodded. I shook his hand, and moved on. His hand was slightly callused, and reminded me of shaking Jahmes’ hand, which is far more padded. A few minutes later, he was joined by Mike Gordon, bassist of Phish, and an older gent I didn’t recognize. I didn’t want to be the annoying fan who spotted the celebrities, so I kept to myself.

What an interesting experience. It was somewhat surreal, seeing a guy I had only seen in concert, or on album covers and videos, standing right in front of me. I sent an sms to my buddy Ryan, and he told me the Rhythm Devils were playing in Milwaukee.

After I left the airport, I remembered I had read two books by Mickey Hart a long time ago, and had thoroughly enjoyed them both.

Even later, I was mulling over the notion that they were waiting for a late ride, and Mickey may have assumed I was the driver, which was why he was looking right at me as I got to the top of the escalator.

My devoted readers may note that I haven’t stopped thinking about this. Roman is starstruck. I shook Mickey Hart’s hand.

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Guitar Lessons

I’m now offering private guitar lessons, for those interested. I will either do home visits, or have the student come to my place.

All Ages
Beginning & Intermediate
Styles: Rock, blues, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Funk, Folk, Latin
Curriculum customized to the individual
20+ years of experience
$20 per half hour

Contact me via my online form.

Posted: October 24th, 2006
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Another Riverwest Shooting

A Jimmy John’s driver got robbed, shot and killed as he attempted to make a delivery in the neighborhood of Humboldt and Burleigh, in Milwaukee’s Riverwest. Not far from my home, my friends. Very frightening.

This took place about 3 blocks away from the Art Bar, where owner Don Krause was shot in the chest by a 14 year old kid. Thankfully, he lived, but the problems remain: somehow, idiots having no regard for human life are obtaining guns and wreaking havok on innocent people.

Sounds like the war in Iraq.

How can a nation whose history is steeped in warfare have any hope of raising children that shun violence?

The problem is compounded by those who think purchasing a gun solves the problem.

This gun violence must stop.

Posted: October 10th, 2006
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Iggy & The Stooges

Down in the dumps? Here’s something cheerful: the Smoking Gun is sporting an 18 page copy of Iggy Pop’s concert rider, which explains “Iggy’s requirements in terms of amplifiers, security, lighting, stage set up, and dressing rooms.” Rife with profanity, misspelled words, and outrageously witty remarks, the document, written “on a computer” by roadie Jos Grain, is a testament to true punk.

Iggy Pop Concert Rider Excerpt

I suggest you read the whole thing.

Via Boing Boing

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Dear Reader

Dear reader,

Please look carefully at the web address in the URL field of your browser. It should read ‘‘. In case you see a web address containing the word ‘bitacle’ or ‘’, you’re not looking at the original page on which this text was posted. If this is the case, the text you are reading right now might be incorrect or out of date. After I place a post on my weblog, I always try to keep published information up to date, or incorporate additional information, which I receive from readers. You will never find this information on copies the content of weblogs without permission of the author, the holder of copyrights or the licensee. By visiting, you create income for the people who run, at the expense of me and other owners of a weblog, without permission and often without respecting copyrights and/or terms of use as in a license. So please, next time you want to view my posts, do so by using the web address of my weblog, which is ‘‘. Please make a bookmark of my weblog’s address, if you would like to visit it again.

Thank you!

The paragraphs were obtained from, a site devoted to stopping the continued, blatant theft of people’s blog content by Bitacle and other splogs.


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Books Versus Movies

Lately I’ve read quite a lot of books:

Whilst reading, I noticed I wanted nothing but to read, almost obsessively. It was my way of checking out of life, and checking into an alternate reality. I used to do this with movies: rent a bunch of them, and watch one every night, turning off my phone and disconnecting from everyone to decompress. After reading my last book, I decided to rent a movie (I had an unused coupon about to expire). So, I watched it by myself, and noticed the same thing happen. A sensation of comfort snuck up on me.

Is my life really so bad that I need to decompress with a book or a movie? Perhaps others’ lives are harder. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I am overwhelmed and overstimulated with my own life and concerns that it is nice to bliss out on a story having nothing to do with me. The trick for me is to not get too caught up in it.

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Big Bottom

If you’re looking for a big bottom to add to your car or home audio system, Tom over at Music Thing has a post on a pair of innovative subwoofers.

One of the subwoofers mentioned is a coneless, fan-driven rotary system that gets frequencies as low as 5 Hz! Instructions include mounting in a basement or attic. Pricing? Consider about $25,000. Ummm, yeah.
The second speaker, a 60 inch subwoofer, made the vehicle housing it balloon in & out a couple of times during testing. That puts those wannabe gangbangers in my neighborhood to shame!

Posted: October 3rd, 2006
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Highway Exit Employment Office

A general question to any who may have some experience in this matter:

Regarding those guys (haven’t seen a woman… yet) who hold up “job needed” posters at highway exits…

Does it work? Does anyone actually hire them? If so, for what purpose?
Every time I see one of those men, I wonder about these things.

Posted: October 2nd, 2006
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