George’s Tavern

Waiting here at George’s Tavern in Racine, Wisconsin. We were supposed to be on 2 minutes ago, but there are some issues with the sound system, so we’re waiting ’til they’re ready for us.

Nice place. They (or someone near here) has free wifi, so I plugged right in, so to speak.

This is a sort of farewell gig for me and Holly, as we’re both departing the core group of the One Drum collective. What a sweet farewell it will be. This lineup features Cory Coleman (vocals, dundun & bass), Kristin Urban (vocals & percussion), Cecilio Negron, jr. (drums, congas, vocals), Holly Haebig (vocals & guitar), and yours truly on guitar and vocals. Poor sound guys. It’s 8:43 pm and they’re still fiddling with the system.

This is where the fans & the musicians both learn patience.

Posted: November 4th, 2006
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