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Smoke Eyed at La Carbonería

I’ve finally posted some videos that I took at a flamenco bar called La Carbonería, in Sevilla, over six months ago. This event took place after all the official performances had finished: a guy walked into the bar carrying a guitar; I’m guessing he was a gypsy, even though he lacked the stereotypical long hair. The musicians left over from earlier performances all joined him in a smaller alcove, and the resulting late-night session is what I managed to catch on my camera. What is undocumented is that after many of the other musicians left, he (the dark complexioned guy on the right with the brown jacket and short hair) looked at me and insistently demanded me to sing a song. I replied that I didn’t know flamenco, that I was a foreigner, but he didn’t buy it. Eventually I relented, asked him for his guitar and proceeded to sing and play a song. It wasn’t flamenco by any stretch (it was an East Indian tune called Ghoom Charakhana), but my delivery made him eat his foot. I wasn’t sure what he was after in challenging an amateur (at flamenco) to perform, but I hope he learned the error of his ways. In the end I didn’t return to the establishment for some time, hoping to avoid a similar scenario. Subsequent to this event was when I started my official flamenco lessons.

Posted: October 20th, 2008
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I’m Born To Be Wild

As it turns out, I’m born to be wild, as is evidenced by the hilarious video below. This somewhat embarrassing extravagance took place at a hotel resort in Ise, Japan, and my witnesses were my traveling companions, and a bunch of inebriated Japanese locals celebrating a wedding. The Japanese gent joining me towards the end was not arranged in advance. I think he really liked my leg.

By the way, I wasn’t drunk. I don’t drink alcohol.

Posted: February 23rd, 2008
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Guzheng Cycle 2

As promised months earlier, here is a video of me cutting it up on the monome 40h.

Posted: December 11th, 2007
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