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I was walking through the mall, and I happened to hear the following as I walked past two women:

I’m a big, fat-ass cow.

I had to seriously stifle laughter. I was way too bizarre and unexpected to hear such a candid statement.

Posted: April 5th, 2007
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Comment from Joanne - 6 Apr ’07 at 12:56 am

Roman, I quoted your quote of the day in my blog today, hope you wouldn’t mind. It’s really funny. 😀

Comment from Hypatia - 9 Apr ’07 at 10:20 am

Self-loathing. Very amusing. How many women live their lives with this internal message playing in their heads, I wonder? Glad you could get some giggles out of it.

Maybe you could find some puppies or kittens and liberate them on the highway… Post the roadkill photos for laughs.

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 9 Apr ’07 at 10:33 am

@ Hypatia: I would argue that most humans have built-in self-loathing tape reels playing in their heads, be they male or female.

As far as the kittens and puppies are concerned, no thanks. Aside from the fact that I love cats and dogs, there are enough roadkill sites out there already. Thanks for visiting, and come again.