I’ve been recording one of my tunes the past couple of days. It’s been quite rewarding, and I’m definitely feeling more fulfilled about my music. Progress is slow, so don’t expect any releases in the near future.

For those who care, I’m using a I’ve got a Focusrite Octopre patched into a Behringer Magician, into the Digidesign Digi-002. Software is Protools 6.9.2, Mac OS X, Tiger.

The song is called “Wind In Your Shoes” (although I’m not so sure about the title – another good candidate is “Don’t Lose The Rhythm”), and I’ve presently got the following recorded:

  • acoustic guitar track, using an old Harmony acoustic (I always felt like a loser with my Harmony, but I just found out Jimmy Page used a Harmony to record “Stairway To Heaven“)
  • bass guitar – late 70’s Fender Musicmaster thru an Ampeg B1R
  • electric guitar – Gibson ES-135 thru an old Silvertone Tube Amp
  • electric guitar – Brian Moore i2.13 thru an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and a vintage Memory Man direct into the Octopre (talk about watery, the sound reminds me somewhat of The Edge‘s guitar in U2‘s “Mysterious Ways“)
  • a broken shekere with the beads intact
  • a broken tambourine with the jingles intact
  • a vocal track (scratch)
Posted: March 1st, 2006
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