I’ve been feeling quite depressed lately, and decided to do a search for Chinese Medicine and depression. What I discovered was an interesting approach. While Western head shrinks are quick to prescribe drugs for depressive symptoms (often with catastrophic side effects), Chinese practitioners suggest depression results from repressed emotions, such as guilt or anger. Their treatments seek to release these emotions in order for the patient to study them and let go of them accordingly. Acupunture, acupressure and traditional herbs are their route. I’m going to check this out, or spend an infinitude of days suffering this terrible indignity.

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Posted: August 31st, 2005
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Comment from Heidi - 31 Aug ’05 at 9:18 pm

I’ve been depression free lately, but when the depression does come back (more than likely when it gets cold out) perhaps I will investigate these traditional herbs you speak of. However, I don’t want needles stuck in me, or a stranger’s hands on my body, no matter how professional. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Comment from Autumn - 1 Sep ’05 at 4:13 am

It’s me, your high school scorpio friend. I have treated depression in many clients using herbs/vitamins/bodywork and shamanic healing. One thing’s for certain: Depression means that you are feeling the collective conscious. In the current state of being, I believe one would have to be numb to not feel the energetics of this beautiful planet and her people’s pain. Unlimited compassion. The herbs usually used in chinese medicine release the heat (stored stuck toxic energy and emotions) from the liver (anger organ) and kidneys (why are you “pissed off”?). Being sensitive can suck (literally and figuratively). Celebrate your antennae and move toward serving the greater good, it truely helps. The ancestors call it the “giveaway” and it is pure soul food (minus the calories). We humans are mostly water, we just “forget” that there’s a low tide and a high tide, that we are all tied to. You are a scorpio, ruled by the waters, and transformation is your main forte, this is all part of the cycle death/rebirth, shedding the skin that doesn’t fit anymore! You are growing Roman, spread your wings butterfly!
Love, Autumn

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 1 Sep ’05 at 7:37 am

@ Heidi: stranger things have happened than stranger’s hands on my body. I must admit, you’re really missing out, especially as far as massage, etc. Acupuncture needles? I haven’t actually tried those yet, but who knows.

@ Autumn: I didn’t know you actually read this crazy thing! You know, it IS true. I do need a change of direction in my life. I feel rather unfulfilled, etc. But I simply don’t know what to choose. And when I get in this kind of space, I lack the motivation to change, and end up feeling more lost and confused as a result.

But I’m willing to check this out. Do you know anyone in the area you can refer me to?

Comment from tiffany - 1 Sep ’05 at 8:17 am

Another interesting oriental approach is more focused on your bodies natural chemistry and what you eat and how it effects that chemistry—-“I think in ancient china they kinda figured out how the body worked, but our culture is just a rough necked teenage jerk with a bottle of pills and a bottle of booze and a full round of amunition and nothing to lose….” ani

Comment from Mindy - 2 Sep ’05 at 11:31 pm

Hey Roman,
I’ve tried acupuncture for a physical problem and it worked wonders. The only problem was that it was temporary. I felt like a mllion bucks instantly following the procedure but by the next day, the problem was back. Since I’ve met you, which wasn’t that long ago, you seem to go through feeling up and down often. Obviously you don’t want to take any drugs, but one supliment you might want to try is fish oil. I read that people that eat alot of fish are less depressed (studies show that there is less depression on the east coast and areas where seafood is more accessable than in the midwest and places where it is not). Not only is it good for your brain function, but it also helps your heart and works as a natural anti inflamitory.
Something to look into.