Sri Lanka to host WOMAD World Music Festival

My friend Tim just recently sent me this article, and I totally want to go to this outstanding event. However, my finances will likely not permit it, so I’ll have to encourage my friends and family in Sri Lanka to check it out.

The creation of WOMAD (which stands for World Of Music, Arts, and Dance) was inspired by Peter Gabriel in the early 1980’s, and since its inception has dazzled audiences by bringing together the most awe inspiring performers from around the world.

I’m quite excited that WOMAD will be held in Sri Lanka this year, especially since most people had never heard of the country prior to last December’s tragic tsunami. WOMAD’s presence in Sri Lanka will bring greater awareness of this cultural gem to the rest of the world, and only time will tell what creative bridges will be spanned as a result.

For any of you in the general area (Sri Lanka is quite a short trip from Europe, Asia, Australia, and India), the WOMAD festival will feature such greats as Billy Cobham, the Master Drummers of Burundi, and many more.
via World Music Central

Posted: August 15th, 2005
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