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Brief synopsis of the day: Nicole, her mother Mary Lee and I went to Provincetown (also called P-Town by the natives) to check it out. It is apparently one of the top gay/lesbian vacation spots in the world. It was a very cool, laid back community, full of talented artists and tourists checking out the laid back Cape Cod life.

We picked up and order of fried dough (which I had never had before, save in its analogous form of beignet) and as we were eating I spied a woman wearing the shortest dress I had ever seen. Well…

Upon closer inspection, “she” turned out to be a he, complete with a spiral lollipop, Hello Kitty handbag and a balding head. (S)he bought a soda and then met up with a friend, who the photograph reveals was a transvestite as well. Check out the calves in the full size photo.

Posted: August 12th, 2005
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Comment from Ruffles - 4 Sep ’05 at 8:57 pm

Your photos of the adult little girl have incited some discussion in the LG forum and makes me wonder if we should all go to P Town for fun. Perhaps you are now aware of another very large subculture of little girls who don’t want to grow up. Here is a place to begin looking if you are interested: http://j.webring.com/hub?ring=adultlittlegirls

Comment from Sissy Stephanie - 9 Nov ’05 at 7:58 pm

Yes, I am a sissy (little girl) who has a wonderful wardrobe and LOVE to spend time in Ptown each summer during the Carnival week. The person with me is my sissy girlfriend Debbie … We love to dress up … sometimes Debbie wears relly frilly things, as I do also at night when I go out to dinner.

It is great fun to dress up as the little girl I truly am and make people smile, laugh and giggle. After all “we only go around once” and its GREAT to make people smile and laugh!!!

Hope to see everyone out in Ptown sometime. I live in Central NJ, and often go out as a little girl there also, as well as in NYC … SO, if you ever see me, please come up and say HI …. NO, you can’t suck my lolly.

Love & Hugs,
Sissy Stephie
(Only 8 yrs. old)