Cape Cod Lobster

Lobster After

Lobster After, originally uploaded by romanedirisinghe.

I just got done getting stuffed on lobster with Nicole and her parents. I can barely move, and the experience was quite exciting.

We left Milwaukee this morning and had an excellent flight. I took some cloud pictures along the way. After we arrived in Boston, Nicole’s dad Richard picked us up and we drove to Cape Cod. Then, we went and bought some fresh, live lobster. After a short nap, we prepared dinner. I found out that it is most humane to dip the lobster in the boiling water head first. What you see here is the giant claw of the lobster I laid to rest. Thank you, oh wonderful, feisty lobster.

Posted: August 11th, 2005
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Comment from tiffany - 18 Aug ’05 at 11:35 am

I just think you are ill…like doing anything other than admiring a lobster is humane…