Exotic Delicacies

Taipei SnacksI was checking out Mutant Frog Travelogue and found a post about some fascinating Chinese delicacies: scorpion, starfish and seahorse snacks. Reading it made me simultaneously cringe and ponder, “What would that taste like?” I’ll have to find out for myself. This is one of those things I would be willing to do when I launch my “pay me to travel and blog” phase of this blog. Need some more pictures for proof? I found more references here | here | here | here | here

Further perusal of the web brought many other discoveries. Interested in some exotic alcohol? I’m not talking about the tequila worm. Edible.com features some provocative items for sale, including snake vodka, scorpion vodka, and BBQ worm crisps. My stomach growls with hungry excitement.

Do you enjoy coffee and tea? I certainly do. And I would enjoy it more if it was shat out the anus of some exotic kitty, that’s for sure. Check out civet coffee, weasel coffee (vomited by weasels), and monkey-picked tea.

Posted: March 23rd, 2005
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Look who’s talking. I should interview you about your culinary experiences in Korea for my blog!