Bus ride to Sanchez (aka bus ride from frozen hell)

This bus ride was

  1. freezing due to overcompensated A/C and
  2. nausea inducing due to psychotic driving on tiny, bumpy roads in a giant tourbus!!?! Had I consumed any dairy before the ride, I would have surely lost my guts all over the bloody place.
  3. Additionally, there was a TV playing really bad American B-movies, with Spanish subtitles. The TV tint was off – everything was purple – and the VHS had been played so many times that the picture was shot and the audio garbled. It sounded like it was underwater.

Funny, here we are in a tropical country and I’m huddled for warmth in a freezing bus. The irony was splendid. I could just look out the window and see coconut trees and bananas. It was all so close but just slightly out of reach as we tore towards our destination.

Hours later, the bus dropped us off somewhere in the mountains, and it was now raining. Fortunately, it was still warmer outside than it was inside the bus. As the rain fell, we sought a ride to Las Terrenas, where we had our hotel reservation.

Posted: July 27th, 2003
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