The Powerbook Returns

Apple’s extended customer support is amazing. Once I initiated the return request, I received a box within 2 days. I packed up my computer, and took it to a DHL counter, and I received notice the following day(!) that Apple had received, repaired, and shipped it. I got it back within 2 business days, and noticed they had replaced my LCD, hard drive, a memory module, and a bunch of other internal components, including a fan. I wish they would have also replaced the battery, which is slowly losing steam. Eh. I didn’t have to spend a coin on getting my computer repaired (other than the initial $200 something I spent on the extended AppleCare warranty), so I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately, I still have to reinstall the software that didn’t come bundled with the default installation.

Posted: March 5th, 2007
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Comment from Joanne - 14 Mar ’07 at 1:17 am

I always appreciate Apple’s service. Sorry to leave previous msg before saw this one. 😛