Rest In Peace, Ali Farka Touré

Ali Farka Toure, photo by Damian RaffertyMalian blues musician Ali Farka Touré succumbed to bone cancer on March 7th. He was 67.

Quoth Ali: “I am a mechanic, technician, chauffeur, and farmer—all that is before music.”

via Harvey Taylor, The Village Voice, Tikun Olam
Photo by Damian Rafferty

Posted: March 9th, 2006
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Comment from D Wakechild - 9 Mar ’06 at 11:43 am

‘nough respect to Ali Farka Touré. I recognize that music is a force that transcends language, cultural, religious barriers, to name a few. I also drink alcohol. I find it a bit curious, though, that the author of the obituary suggest we all take out a “bottle of something nice” and drink to Ali Farka Touré music. The man was a devout Muslim.

Comment from Richard Silverstein - 9 Mar ’06 at 5:21 pm

I am the author of the post D Wakechild refers to. I suggested that you take out a bottle of ‘something nice.’ I didn’t mean it had to be alcohol. I’ll let you & others define what a “nice” beverage is–how ’bout lemonade or cider? Though Toure was a devout Muslim I don’t think he’d begrudge us enjoying whatever beverage we chose. He seemed a very expansive, inclusive and tolerant soul.

Thanks for linking to my post btw.

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 8 Mar ’07 at 4:20 pm

Taken from the Village Voice: As for Hooker, Touré said, “He plays tunes whose roots he does not understand. It comes from Africa and particularly from Mali. It comes from history, from the land, nature, animals. It doesn’t come from beer and whiskey.”