Do You Have Any Protection?

Ear protection, that is.

During the four hour Mangee Troi show last night, my ears gradually became fatigued by the volume of the music. I became irritable, and definitely felt discomfort in my ear by the end of the night. The discomfort is present today, although it has decreased. It is definitely time to invest in some custom-molded musician’s earplugs. I’ve made some calls to audiologists and found the price to be anywhere between $150-$170 for Westone earplugs, which includes the cost of the fitting. Not bad. I spend tons of money on upgrading my gear, it only makes sense that I should spend as much money protecting my ear. Alternately, I’ve found an online retailer called the Earplug Store, which offers a Etymotic Research earplugs with a DIY ear fitting kit (allowing you to bypass the audiologist), for about the same price. For the same price, I think I will stick with an expert.


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Posted: February 10th, 2006
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