I’m Moving Again

I’m moving again, sometime in January. I have very mixed feelings about it, because I’m quite tired of moving all my junk. And it will be quite a hassle, especially because it will be freezing. On another note, change is always good. And although my initial response to change is based in fear, I know there is much to be learned from transformation. I will likely move into Jesse Sheehan’s space (shared with Rueven) and rent the space while he is in India. He expects to be gone 6 or more months. Hopefully, by that time, I could either find a house or figure out a way to blow the hell out of Dodge.

Overall, aside from the impending move, I feel rather unhappy. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems that everything in my life is a farce, and that I’m not really being myself. This may be a result of the weather (cold weather and cloudy days give me the blues), or I may be genuinely stuck. Either way, it sucks. It would be nice to be involved in a career that actually feels fulfilling, where the work I do would actually have a positive impact on this world. Heck, maybe everyone wants that, but doesn’t know how to get it. I sure don’t.

Posted: November 22nd, 2005
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Comment from me - 25 Nov ’05 at 12:08 am

well, at least you have a van now