Travels with One Drum

I’m about to leave for Fargo, North Dakota with One Drum. We’re going to drive for about 10 hours, sleep, set up and perform at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (across the river from Fargo), pack up, drive another 10 hours, and crash. The plan is to be back on Saturday, because some of us have shows on Saturday.

I’m already quite exhausted, due to insomnia last night. I hope to catch some winks in the van. Additionally, I’ve configured my blog to accept posts from my mobile phone (moblogging), and interested readers can catch up with the band on the road. Although…if I don’t get a T-Mobile signal up there, we may have problems…

Posted: November 17th, 2005
Categories: blog, music, travel
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Comment from me - 17 Nov ’05 at 9:19 pm

isn’t this a ro-moblog?

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 18 Nov ’05 at 11:22 am

Yes Johnny, but the moblogging feature was disabled, and is still lacking full functionality. Well, I’m off to bed.