This begins my unofficial restaurant review phase. We’ll see how long it lasts.

If you’re ever in Milwaukee’s Third Ward district and have a hankering for some food, do yourself a favor and avoid Sauce at all costs.

I went to Sauce with Nicole on Sunday night. Totally unimpressed. Potentially pretentious atmosphere. Cool art on the walls. The sparse selection of meals were grossly overpriced. No entrees under $20, if I remember properly. But even the most expensive meals can feel worthwhile if the service is superb. Not so in this case. Although our waitress was fine (not excellent), the waiter who brought out our drinks was simply offensive. He managed to spill hot (steaming) water all over our table, and got a drop on me in the process. I kept my mouth shut as I watched his movements, wondering what the damage could have been had the water splashed a couple of inches closer to me. That guy had NO business being a waiter. His hands simply trembled too much. He appeared to be in his mid thirties. Perhaps he had a case of Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Nevertheless, I watched him return with a rag, wipe our table, make his way to a pair of not-so-attractive women, and talk to them with a courtesy that ALL his customers deserved.

The appetizers we ordered were fine. Nicole liked the crab cakes. The one I tried contained real crab meat, and was rather tasty. My beet salad had some type of yellow beet I had never seen before (I thought beets were supposed to be blood red), and it was good. The portions were somewhat small, in my opinion. Essentially, the food that we had was fairly good, but not worth the price of crappy service.

Departing, we walked past the Wicked Hop (an aborted choice for the evening). I wished we would have eaten there instead.

To avoid:
(414) 224-1480
217 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Posted: July 12th, 2005
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Comment from Heidi - 12 Jul ’05 at 11:40 pm

We will keep that in mind. Thank you.