If you’re in downtown Milwaukee for lunch and want to be hungry well before dinnertime, consider checking out Nectar.

The service isn’t the friendliest. I’d been in there several times, and I never felt like they actually wanted me in there. Maybe it’s because they knew in advance that I would shred them on my blog.

I ordered a roast beef sandwich, while Nicole picked up an Italian garden sandwich. The sandwiches arrived in plastic containers (no recycling available in the store). The roast beef was neither brown nor red, but grey. Great color for monochromatic art, awful color for food. Nicole ate hers without complaint. Overall, the food was acceptable going down the gullet. It was hours later that the problem revealed itself: we were hungry. A mere 3 hours after we ate the meal, we were ready for some real food.

Nectar’s meals have no substance, and don’t pass my fill-me-up test.

To avoid:
Nectar Espresso Bar & Cafe
(414) 224-8100
708 N Milwaukee St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Posted: July 12th, 2005
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