I Rode My Bike Last Night

Last night, I did not see the Chicken. I moped around my house until just after dark, got a sandwich from the Fuel Cafe, rode my bike to Lake Park, and ate it there, watching the city lights grow brighter. Then, I rode to Blockbuster and rented another 2 movies (I don’t watch movies, I just copy them – I paid $15 for one month’s worth of rentals, and I’m trying to make the buck count because my month is over on the 19th).

Then I ran into Matt Turner and Ethan Keller just outside of the Jazz Estate as they were setting up for the Chicken and we talked music and websites for about 10 minutes. Matt offered to pay me in rupees and Canadian pennies to build him a website. I’m considering it. And I’ll hold him up to it.

After that, I was biking home and I bumped into my friend Doug. He was one of the 2 guys present in the house when I ripped out my teeth back in 1992. We go way back (to high school & middle school). We were best friends for a long time, then grew apart after I quit using drugs. Since then, he’s traveled the world extensively on a shoestring budget. He’s an artist. A painter. And has really nice, interesting works. We don’t actually hang out much anymore. Ever. But when we run into each other on the street, we both stop and talk for about a half hour or more. I kind of miss him sometimes. I told him about new developments in my life, having a new girlfriend, etc. And I told him how I feel stuck, like everything I’m doing in my career feels like a dead end. And he recognized that my bicycle bell came from China.

Then, I went to the hot tub. I need to go more often. It is incredibly relaxing. I saw a young couple there (mid-twenties) and the guy has been coming since he was a kid, because his mom was a member since the 70’s. He’s really fun to talk to – a very loving, open vibe. And after they left, an older woman came. She knew me from One Drum shows, so we sat and talked about spirituality for a while. It was cool, and had the effect of centering me somewhat.

Afterwards, I went home and started backing up my laptop for the new upgrade to OS X Tiger. And I prepared to go to sleep. I think I finally got to bed at like 1:30 am. Had strange dreams. I remember waking up this morning because my door suddenly opened, and there was nobody there. Kristin & Yoshua hadn’t opened the door. It was weird. I had slept through my alarm, and the resident ghost was waking me.

Posted: May 11th, 2005
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