Lunch with Brian Ritchie

Severe insomnia last night. Tossed and turned for hours. Finally, I was so tired of being tired that I started crying. Somehow, it worked. About an hour after I finished crying, I fell asleep. It must have been about 5:00 am. I remember seeing snow falling outside.

I had lunch with Brian Ritchie today, at the African Hut. We both enjoyed the akara and Yinka’s “Sunshine” hot sauce. Conversational topics included Sri Lanka, the Violent Femmes, One Drum, Shakuhachi, etc. One thing I noticed was how nervous I was. After all, I was having lunch with one of my heroes, someone whose music I had been listening since I was a teenager. Despite the fact that we had already jammed together in an intimate setting, it was strange noticing the nervousness.

Posted: February 9th, 2005
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