The Train

Somewhere between Oradea and Bucharest, stopped and at rest on a train. It’s probably 3 am. Too hot to sleep. It seems you can’t adjust the heating systems for these train cabs, & you can’t roll down the windows, so you are fucked unless you go into the hall and roll down the windows there. Our train cab compartment sleeps six. The only occupant (excluding Constantin & I) is a young woman named Corina, aged 26, a practitioner of cosmetic medicine (not plastic surgery). Well, not only is she a blast, but she’s beautiful. She’s the first woman in Romania I’ve actually ‘conversed’ with and her warmth glows from her laughing eyes. And her totally tight, sexy body! We were totally flirting with each other, using Constantin as an interpreter. He seemed as excited as we were. She somehow talked me into stripping down to my underwear (can I ever keep my clothes on?), which was not too difficult considering the aforementioned problem with the cabin temperature. Man, I wish I could stay longer, and I hope she emails me. Interacting with her was an answered prayer, and it almost seems like someone read my previous entries and decided to have mercy on me. This sampling certainly is delectable. Yum.

“Why is our train not moving?”

“Oh shit! It’s moving! That’s funny. Allright! I didn’t realize it was starting to move until after I asked why the train wasn’t moving. I think the train sat still for several hours. Maybe the conductor took a nap.

Posted: November 30th, 2003
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