Sindoolaa at Club TimbuktuOumar Sagna and his Sindoolaa African music ensemble are taking the community by storm. Performing authentic music from Oumar’s Jola tribe as well as contemporary African hits, Sindoolaa’s searing grooves and hot dance rhythms guarantee that no listener will sit still! Comprised of local and international talents, Sindoolaa features Oumar Sagna (lead vocals and bougarabou drums), Yaya Kambaye (Kora and Kutiro drum), Jean Sene (Kutiro drum and bells), Patrice Nassalang (Masquerade dance of Kankurang and Essamay), Judge Frederick Jones-Rosa (bass guitar), Roman Edirisinghe (guitar); Donnie Mac (keyboard and guitar), Omar Phillips (drum set), Naima Adedapo (vocals and bells), Miriam Levie (vocals and bells), Aaron Gardner (Alto Saxophone), Olusegun Sunjiwade (Tenor Saxophone) and special guest artist Lucky Diop.

African World Festival
Cultural Stage (Potawotami Stage)
Henry Maier Festival Park (map)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tickets: $10 in advance and $15 at the gate

Posted: July 27th, 2007
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