Bizarre dreams

I had some weird dreams last night. I was still dating Nicole, but I had decided to take a solo trip to Southeast Asia or Japan or some place. However, I secretly visited the Carribean en route, apparently to hook up with an ex-girlfriend. When I got there (to the Dominican Republic), I had a key to a house (that I had lived in before, apparently), which I used to unlock the front door and enter. Within minutes, the occupants of the house, 3 or 4 college-age women, were freaking out, threatening to call the police. And there I was, scrambling verbally to come up with an explanation for my presence there. Somehow, I convinced them that I was harmless and a friend, and we all went to sleep in our respective beds.

Later, still on the island, I was walking around with Julio when we were approached by a totally hot woman, who was trying to pick both of us up. We vibed, etc, but moved on. Much later, I was alone, and was approached by the woman’s sister, who was a former teacher of mine (but looked totally different). Strange. Anyway, she wanted sex, so I agreed, and as we were walking to her hut, we were passed by her sister. That’s when I realized I was being used as a tool in some bizarre sibling feud or competition. Anyway, I think we got it on… end of scenario.

Posted: May 16th, 2005
Categories: bizarre
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