Motown Dennis

Last night, as I taking a break from our show at the Wyndham Hotel, we were approached by a homeless guy named Dennis. I had not only spoken to him on a prior occasion, but bought him a meal and gave him a ride to his boarding house. Last night, we was asking me if I wanted a Fender Jazz Bass. And he was willing to just give it to me, because he had essentially given up on music, and wanted to make sure that the person receiving his bass would use it. Well…

Dennis’ story is still somewhat shrouded. He says he used to play for Motown, back before Motown moved out of Motor City. Having seen Standing in the Shadows of Motown, I somehow believe him. He tells me Phil Upchurch and James Jameson were his teachers. And now, he’s homeless. He has few living relatives – a father-in-law, and a grandchild or grandchildren. What his relationship is to his existing relatives, I cannot say. But I almost want to get to the bottom of it. He seems a walking storybook.

Last night, Dennis told me he needed some money to pay for his boarding house rent, which amounted to around $22 per month. We fed him a cheeseburger on the band tab, and I gave him a ride to the boarding house after the show. I gave him $43 and I sincerely hope he used it to cover 2 months in the boarding house. After all, it is getting cold, and the exposed pavement is much colder than a nice, warm bed with fresh linens.

Dennis told me to stop by at the Cathedral Square soup kitchen during lunch and that he would have the bass there for me. Will this happen? We shall see.

Posted: November 11th, 2005
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