Censored by One Drum

I’m amused. I was just requested by one of my former bandmates to remove all references to my blog from their pages. It must be too controversial (One Drum is kid friendly, so I’m certainly not surprised). As their webmaster, I must comply. It was referenced only on my One Drum bio page (view modified version), which I’ve listed in uncensored glory below:

A first generation Sri Lankan-Russian immigrant raised in Germany, Sri Lanka, and the United States, Roman Edirisinghe keeps himself busy with web consultation/design and music. Originally a guitarist, Roman expanded his repertoire to include the didgeridoo, percussion and drums, not to mention digital/synthesized music.

Roman has recently changed directions by opting out of the One Drum core group. He still serves One Drum as webmaster and as a musician for hire.

Find out more about Roman at romanedirisinghe.com, which features Roman’s blog, complete with an RSS feed for syndicated content.
WARNING: by clicking on the link above, you will be leaving the One Drum site. Roman’s site is not “G” rated. You have been duly warned, and One Drum will not be held liable or responsible for any content on Roman’s site.

What is a blog?
What is an RSS feed?

Posted: March 17th, 2005
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Comment from John - 20 Mar ’05 at 3:42 am

you so scary