Club Timbuktu

…I went dancing after the Salt performance (which went really well, I must add). I met up with Holly and Dena at Club Timbuktu, a new venue that just opened up in Riverwest. I wasn’t really planning on staying out, much less dancing, so I never went home and changed out of my sweater and long underwear. When I got there, DJs Marcus Garvey, D.Soto, and Tom Noble were pumpin’ out some great Brazilian music. So I danced, danced and danced.
I saw Capoeira Steve and Regi there, among a throng of Milwaukee’s most beautiful women: who I would gladly list by name if I could make it fit Jamie, Ismene, Olivia, Annie, Angelique, Holly, Dena, Soni (who smelled sweet with fenugreek), Soni’s friend (I spaced your name) with an accent so funky I thought she was European, and last but not least Kate, who I had the biggest crush on 8+ years ago but was too afraid to tell (and subsequently offended by sleeping with another woman – forgive me Kate, it was the path of least resistance AND I was young and foolish. I didn’t expect her to call you and brag to you about it). Did I miss anyone? I probably did. Forgive me for omitting you. I am 31 and foolish.
Andy Noble, Franky and I had a great conversation about relationships and sex. I was in stitches. Brent Goodsell told me about the really rare funk recordings by a band formed in prison.
Steve & I went out to Ma Fischer’s afterwards, and I finally got to bed at around 4 am.
I woke up today wondering if I either gave myself a hernia or burst my appendix. Sort of. I’ll wait a couple hours and see if I go into toxic shock.

Posted: March 12th, 2005
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Comment from Guerreiro - 14 Mar ’05 at 11:58 am

Had a great time Friday night and enjoyed running into you and the crew. I gotta admit: one way to keep a faithful readership is to mention names.You’re right, we DID have some of the most beautiful women there. Why not list them? Next time I’ll be sure to get all their names for you.

Of course, nobody could shake their booty like you, Roman. I swear I tried, but you get that caboose shaking so fast, I swear the blur affects the harmonic vibrations on a cold string theory level.

Will we do it again next Friday? I’m going to try to get some more capoeiristas out so we can get more Samba practice.

– G

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 15 Mar ’05 at 11:22 am

Thanks for helping with some names. I do agree, I should use names whenever I can. It personalizes this blog, and hopefully people realize that I care about their existence.

I am, however, really terrible at remembering names, especially names of people I just met. It’s something I need to work on.