Over-protective friends

My favorite question of the night has got to be: “What are your intentions toward _______?”

My new pet peev is about those people who simply refuse to let others live their lives and make their own choices. Especially those that would potentially chase people away from their friend, or prevent their friend from jumping into that beautiful ocean, where one can either drown or experience magical kingdoms of coral.

Also, life is too short to be bitchy. Especially to nice people like me.

‘Nuff said. I remain true to myself. Let people make their judgements.

Posted: March 9th, 2005
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Comment from Kelly Mierow - 10 Mar ’05 at 3:16 am

Dear Roman,
I Was informed of the experiences that inspired this entry and I agree that no one should invaded anyones elses personal endevers. knowing both partys personaly I can state, without hesitation, that no harm was ment. Good intentions brought about the strife. I would imagine you are not a person who would judge another by the company they keep.We all are different each with some negative and positive qualities. Without divercity this world would be a very boring place. I believe that we can help others grow out of negative qualitys through friendship. It is easier to see our own faults when others show them to us. Why have a pet peev, make a change. Hope to meet you soon. Don’t worry be happy!!!!!!!

Fellow Water sign, born all saints day

Comment from Roman Edirisinghe - 10 Mar ’05 at 10:48 am

By all means, I am a very forgiving person. The reason I write stuff in this blog is to get things off my chest. Once I do, I’ve essentially released whatever was bogging me down. Unfortunately, the reader may not realize that I’ve processed through emotions and may have already moved beyond them. So, really, it’s not a big deal, even though I’ve conveniently published it for the whole world to see.
It takes two to tango. I was tired that night, and a little crabby, so naturally I was more snippy than usual, and more defensive. I could have easily responded with humor, for example:
Q: “What are your intentions toward _____?”
A: “I plan to bend her over my kitchen table and measure her from the inside…etc, etc.”
So, fellow Scorpio sister and Saint, we will meet soon, and we’ll all look back on this incident and laugh our asses off.

Comment from John - 11 Mar ’05 at 11:16 pm

SO what are your intentions? You are a veddy bad man, I would not trust you with my sister.