Bike Ride

Minutes after I wrote my last post, I grew tired of the computer and got my bike. I had left it chained to a post during winter, so it had collected rust on the handlebars and chain. It did, however, ride like a champ as I sped out of Riverwest, heading south on Humboldt towards the lake. The air was crisp, and I felt my fingers stiffen from the cold wind as I picked up momentum. I felt blood coursing through my brain for the first time all winter! My destination was the lakefront bike trail, which happened to have slushy ice on it, so I bypassed it and rode along Lincoln Memorial drive. As I approached the road, someone drove past me, waved and honked. An attractive woman I didn’t recognize. “Turn around and come back,” I thought to myself as I waved back and continued crossing the street. Seconds later, my cell phone rang. It was my old friend Laura who had passed me and waved. We exchanged pleasantries and committed to calling each other later, as she was getting on the freeway. (NOTE: conscientious drivers realize driving under the influence of the cell phone is equivalent to driving drunk). Trudging on, I noticed my left inner ear starting to get extremely cold, to the point where the pain was nearly excruciating. Concerned that it would affect my balance, I slowly made my way home, making sure I was sufficiently muddy trekking up a hill. I got home, cleaned the mud off, stripped and crawled in bed. I suddenly felt totally depressed. Picking up my laptop, I started writing, hoping that blogging would help me process my feelings.
I used to write a LOT in the mid-90’s. However, life circumstances changed. I got busy, took on more and more responsibilities, and found myself with very little personal time. When I did find the time, picking up a pen and paper became difficult. Somehow, it was easier to get lost in a computer for hours, working on audio or playing a mindless RPG or checking out porn. Enter the blog. I suddenly feel like writing again, and candidly exposing my inner workings to those who care to observe. Odd, isn’t it? I value privacy, but I’m at least somewhat willing to disclose my world to people I don’t even know.

Posted: March 5th, 2005
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