En route to the Dominican Republic

5:27 am – Missed our bus. Offered Aussie girl a ride to O’Hare with my mom. She declined.

6:30 am – Mom arrives to pick us up. Aussie girl already left.

8:30 am – Arrived at O’Hare, hair standing on end. Mom drove like a maniac.

10:00 am – Having eaten tofu @ Panda, we board the flight, but only after a brief yoga session with a family bound for a scuba holiday.

10:30 am – Flight delayed due to a generator failure. A little while later, we take off. I look across the aisle and see the young Puerto Rican girl with her hands clasped, praying intently. Announcer is totally drunk. We could barely understand him.

…(diary entry picks up much later)…

What a short flight it was, and everybody cheered when the plane landed. That was a first for me.

Posted: July 24th, 2003
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